Banana Protein Shake Club is the most chilled out Fitness Apparel Brand. Born from inspiration. An idea and vision. Our style is fearless and unique. Just like me and you. 

Banana Protein Shake Club stands for love, peace, ease and flow. Do what you love, do it in peace, work with ease, feel the flow, then live your dream.

We are playing big, but we are not going to sacrifice people, animals and the planet to get where we are headed. Our products are proudly made in Bangladesh and designed and decorated in England. We source mostly organic cotton clothing because it's better for the farmers, for us and the planet. We use high quality waterbased ink. Water based ink is highly durable, non toxic and does not contain plastics or animal products. We deliver your items in a fitted 75 percent recycled cardboard box. We don't use plastic bags. 

Thank you for shopping here with us. We really Appreciate you.

Here's to dreaming big.


Rob Simmons